1.Tuition for undergraduate students
1.1.Full-time students on the basic cycle of study programs at the Faculty of Education2.500,00 BAM
1.2.Online learning in the basic study cycle of study programs at the Faculty of Education3.000,00 BAM
2.Tuition for students on the master's cycle of study3.000,00 BAM
3.Tuition for students on the PhD cycle of study3.000,00 BAM
4.Diploma on completion of the first cycle of studies200,00 BAM
5.Diploma of completed master's studies300,00 BAM
6.Diploma of completed PhD studies500,00 BAM
7.Diploma supplement100,00 BAM
8.Creation of a new index300,00 BAM
9.University transcript300,00 BAM
10.Graduation certificate30,00 BAM
11.Certificate of success during studies30,00 BAM
12.Certificate of student status10,00 BAM
13.Certified curriculum400,00 BAM
14.Defense of the thesis500,00 BAM
15.Master's thesis defense600,00 BAM
16.PhD dissertation defense1.500,00 BAM
17.Issuing a duplicate diploma and a diploma supplement is charged in additionDipl. x2
  • Tuition fees determine the costs of studies for one school year.
  • Books and literature that the University does not have in its library (use of the city library) are not included in the tuition fee.
  • When enrolling, a student is required to pay 1/3 of the tuition fee for the year he enrolls, and the rest of the tuition fee can be divided into 10 equal installments (first year), while in the other years of study, the tuition fee can be paid in full for the current year or the same amount can be divided into 10 equal installments.