Bachelor’s Degree – Classroom teaching

Teacher; Preschool teacher; Professor of pedagogy and psychology; Pedagogy; Psychology; Professor of Physical Culture and Education; Sports coach

These Study Programs will include the scientific field of the Pedagogical Program and three cycles of academic studies. The first cycle will last for four years (240 ECTS).

After completing all the curricula provided in the curriculum for eight semesters, a student who defends his/her graduate thesis, receives a certificate of the completed study program with 240 ECTS credits, namely a Graduate Professor of Classroom Education, a Graduate Educator of Preschool Children, a Graduate Professor of Pedagogy and Psychology, a Graduate Pedagogue, a Graduate Psychologist, a Graduate Professor of Physical Culture and Upbringing, a Graduate Coach in Sports – 240 ECTS.


A teacher is an education expert who teaches in primary school and teaches students about basic subjects such as math, language, social sciences, and natural sciences. They are responsible for creating educational plans and programs, evaluating students, and working with parents.

Preschool teacher

Preschool children’s educator is an expert in the education of children aged three to six years. They are responsible for creating a safe and comfortable classroom environment, teaching children basic skills such as reading, writing, and counting, as well as fostering socialization and emotional development.

Professor of Pedagogy and Psychology

The professor of pedagogy and psychology is an expert in the educational process and psychological factors that influence learning and development. They are engaged in the research and study of the learning process, the formation of attitudes and behaviors, as well as the influence of the environment on the development of the individual.

Pedagogy and Psychology

Graduated pedagogues and psychologists are experts in pedagogy and psychology who have completed graduate studies in these fields. A graduate pedagogue studies learning processes and education, while a graduate psychologist explores various psychological factors that affect human behavior and development.

Professor of Physical Culture and Education

Professor of physical culture and education is an expert in physical development and health. They teach exercises and activities that help students acquire basic motor skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop emotional and social well-being.

Sports coach

The sports coach is an expert in sports education and training. They are engaged in planning and conducting training and competitions in various sports, helping athletes to improve their abilities and develop their talents, as well as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.